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DASH TA FAME - Total Prize: $ 1,689,489.15 Registration: 4055690 - Owner: Not Available - Breeder: Not Available


List of Progeny with Earnings ()

Name Prize ($) Best Time Owner
DASH TA DIAMONDS 228,922.93 13s550 x
JESS GONNA BE FAMOUS 101,365.05 15s819 x
BLAZIN BABY J 50,282.50 14s100 x
VQ SUCKER PUNCH 49,241.25 13s833 x
FAMOUS HEARTBREAKER 45,281.93 13s390 x
FAMOUS SHINEY HINEY 42,815.00 15s470 x
KB ANGEL TA FAME 42,744.00 14s526 x
SIERRA HALL OF FAME 39,270.77 13s850 x
RUBY HEART STEALER 35,000.00 15s706 x
FAMOUS SCARLETT 32,887.00 15s359 x
PERKSOF BEING FAMOUS 30,926.00 14s535 x
FEEL THE STING 25,376.00 15s093 x
FRECKLES TA FAME 25,327.66 13s680 x
CUATRO FAME 24,904.13 13s590 x
JL DASH TA HEAVEN 24,245.00 13s820 x
GOD GIVEN FAME 23,699.95 14s837 x
BLARE 23,000.00 16s018 x
DIAL A LITTLE FAME 21,879.91 13s718 x
DASHING KLEE 20,730.80 13s590 x
BOBBIE GENE 20,229.00 15s152 x
UR ONE FAMOUS REBEL 19,994.00 15s664 x
FAMOUSFIREWATER ANNY 19,628.00 15s804 x
UX KIMMITTED TA FAME 19,059.00 15s453 x
ALL FAME NO BULL 18,287.20 15s581 x
GIRLS DIG FAME 18,056.25 14s940 x
KN HOPPY TA BE 17,607.00 15s159 x
LOTTA FAME TA CLAIM 17,118.00 15s405 x
ANGELS ON THE MOON 16,997.00 15s686 x
FAMED FRENCH KISS 16,414.00 14s119 x
IMA FAMOUS BABE 15,459.00 15s059 x
THIS DAMES A FAME 15,437.00 15s336 x
DASH TA DESTINEY 15,000.00 15s938 x
REAL CLAIM TO FAME 15,000.00 13s940 x
A R DASH TA FLAME 13,819.00 15s392 x
MULBERRY TA FAME 12,892.50 15s249 x
CASHIN N ON FAME 12,500.00 14s178 x
JL THIRD TIMESACHARM 12,500.00 15s951 x
CARTELS FAME 11,282.50 14s088 x
LOVIN FAME 11,248.04 13s911 x
KISSKISS BANGBANG 11,226.00 15s482 x
SWIVEL TA FAME 11,118.00 13s860 x
GYPSY HAT OH FAME 10,858.49 13s958 x
FAMOUS ILLUSION 10,451.00 15s555 x
FORTUNE N FAME 10,305.40 15s241 x
WILLYS FAMOUS ROCKET 10,000.00 16s003 x
HALL OF FAMER 9,159.50 14s890 x
FAMOUS COOL WHIP 8,967.00 15s487 x
WB TOOLE TA FAME 8,848.00 15s459 x
CAROLINA FAME 7,892.91 15s533 x
ROYAL AND FAMOUS 7,749.00 15s623 x
BURN NOTICE 7,712.00 15s195 IVY HURST
POWER FAME 7,613.05 15s770 x
DASHS CENTERFOLD 7,578.00 14s476 x
SPARKLING TA FAME 7,370.00 15s577 x
COSTLY CRYSTAL 7,267.94 15s664 x
BLAZIN BLURRY FAME 7,002.00 14s916 x
INSANE FOR FAME 6,982.21 15s744 x
PACKIN TA FAME 6,965.47 15s725 x
SK ILLMAKEUFAMOUS 6,837.00 15s222 x
KR CAPTAIN JACK 6,543.32 21s281 x
FAMOUS DR JOHN 6,539.00 15s614 x
UR WHISKEY CHASER 6,500.00 16s058 x
DASH TA SUZ 6,294.00 15s157 x
GO GO FAME 6,256.00 15s561 x
FAMOUS MOON CHEYN 6,250.00 14s065 x
FLIPPER TA FAME 6,161.00 14s290 x
FAMOUS BOND 6,000.00 16s040 x
FAMOUS NONSTOP BULLY 6,000.00 15s922 x
LK HEZA FAME 6,000.00 15s933 x
MAKIN YA FAMOUS 5,593.00 13s939 x
FAMISTAR 5,500.00 16s207 x
IMA FAMOUS SCARLETT 5,057.96 14s428 x
FOREVA FAMOUS 5,026.00 15s796 x
EYE ON FAME 4,919.00 15s104 x
DA LANE TA FAME 4,854.72 22s354 x
LADY TA DA 4,815.00 15s241 x
CHARGIN TA FAME 4,809.00 14s456 x
JL FOURTAFAME 4,742.00 15s435 x
FAME N RED HOT 4,692.49 14s011 x
KOOL AND FAMOUS 4,686.00 17s251 x
HOOSIER FAME 4,629.16 15s558 x
SHORT LANE TA FAME 4,616.00 15s637 x
ZIGGY ZOOMBA 4,508.00 15s308 x
KN FAMOUS CZAR 4,187.00 15s610 x
UNCONQUERED FAME 4,169.00 14s314 x
FC ALLEYWAY TA FAME 3,803.00 15s589 x
FAME CAME QUICK 3,779.00 15s674 x
JL SERAPHINA 3,741.50 15s219 x
HP DASH TA FIESTA 3,532.00 17s334 x
KR FAMOUS TEQUILLA 3,522.00 14s744 x
MACKILTS 3,444.00 16s130 x
THE SECRET TA FAME 3,377.15 15s497 x
DENNIS TA MENACE 3,338.00 15s544 x
KR CAPTAIN KYDD 3,314.00 15s658 x
FAMOUS DUNGAREES 3,097.20 15s051 x
DASH TA VANILA 2,945.00 14s030 x
FAMOUS CHARM 2,897.22 15s694 x
MR JB 136 2,897.00 15s564 x
FAMOUS NADINE 2,851.70 15s583 x
OCEANSOFFAME 2,816.00 17s987 x
IMANONSTOP FAME 2,803.00 15s682 x
FAMOUS PAWN STAR 2,800.00 15s678 x
CARLEY CUE 2,793.14 14s059 x
FEARLESS FAME 2,675.11 15s264 x
SMASHIN TA FAME 2,628.00 15s576 x
TOAST TA HOLLYWOOD B 2,504.00 15s650 x
VF TAKIN THE FAME 2,448.00 15s916 x
BLITZ TA FAME 2,231.00 15s636 x
MISS JB 0717 2,216.29 15s893 x
BOOM GOES THE FAME 2,211.00 15s987 x
PHILTHY PHAMOUS 2,131.83 15s702 x
DASHIN LIL GUY 2,019.50 14s326 x
GOWIN TA BE FAMOUS 1,817.00 15s966 x
HESA COWBOY CASANOVA 1,750.82 15s890 x
FAMOUS FALCON 1,747.00 15s606 x
DTF CLOSE UP 1,717.10 15s561 x
FAME IN A TINCAN 1,705.39 15s637 x
DTF CONFIRMED IN LUV 1,691.00 14s755 x
DASH TA PARADISE 1,601.00 31s898 x
MY FAME US LADY 1,576.00 15s346 x
WHITE ALIBI 1,575.00 15s539 x
STREAKING TA FAME 1,524.00 15s589 x
DASHER N DANCER 1,468.70 15s230 x
EMW FAMOUS PRESLEY 1,467.00 15s791 x
FAMOUS REAL MACOY 1,451.00 15s788 x
DASH TA LIL 1,376.00 15s969 x
ITS COMPLICATED 1,325.00 15s661 x
JUDGE MY FAME 1,313.00 14s060 x
ROYAL BLUE FAME 1,285.00 15s485 x
FAMOUS FIRST FLIGHT 1,252.00 15s269 x
GUYS ZIP TA FAME 1,249.00 15s563 x
FAMOUS MOON STAR 1,212.00 16s034 x
FAME TA FIRE 1,211.00 16s303 x
ROBIN MEADE 1,205.00 15s513 x
EMAS FAMOUSLAST MOON 1,199.00 16s417 x
LUV MY FAME 1,170.00 15s698 x
DAN I AM FAMOUS 1,110.00 15s850 x
DTF LANEY FAST 1,050.00 15s523 x
KB DASH TA CHICKS 1,043.78 14s380 x
WR SPECIAL FAME 970.00 15s630 x
FAMOUS FRENCH FLAIR 964.00 15s485 x
LADY LA DASH 951.00 15s555 x
REAL EZ FAME 930.00 15s459 x
CHARGEN TA FAME 921.00 14s628 x
MR JB 136 913.00 16s480 x
CASH N FAME 879.00 15s896 x
VF HI N FAMOUS 871.00 15s747 x
KALEO DASH TA FAME 839.04 15s457 x
REGAIN FAME 806.05 15s733 x
MX FLASHIN TA FAME 795.00 15s422 x
IMPRETTYNFAMOUS 789.60 16s062 x
FAMOUS MAYBELLINE 786.00 16s515 x
BA TEE IT UP TA FAME 770.00 15s565 x
DTF NEVERTHELESS 759.87 15s868 x
THE RED DASHER 757.00 15s995 x
FAMINATOR 746.00 15s974 x
RUBY HEART STEALER 738.00 15s889 x
AG JOHNNY FAME 729.00 15s189 x
MIGHTY FRENCHY FAME 723.00 16s397 x
JEEPERS IM FAMOUS 683.00 15s449 x
JUSTA FAMOUS BLURR 671.00 16s306 x
DTF IS ROYAL QUICK 667.00 16s026 x
FAMOUS SMOKIN HALO 643.00 16s279 x
GRC QUICK AND FAMOUS 643.00 16s193 x
WICKED JJ 606.00 16s449 x
RACE TA FAME 603.00 16s448 x
MY FAME IS BLURRY 602.00 16s051 x
KN BTW IMA DTF 595.00 14s893 x
JL TAKIN ON FAME 591.66 15s649 x
TB JEWELS FAME 589.00 16s343 x
FLIRTING TA FAME 587.00 17s826 x
DTF BULL N BLURR 581.00 15s998 x
MY FAMOUS FANTASY 557.00 16s166 x
GO WILMA DASH 556.00 16s358 x
DARK SIDE OF FAME 554.00 15s225 x
HARLEY CHICK 524.00 16s300 x
WAITIN ON FAME 520.00 15s965 x
CABERNET COWBOY 506.25 14s880 x
ONE FAMOUS STREAKER 455.01 16s005 x
TB FAME 416.00 16s009 x
FAMOUS BULLION 365.00 15s548 x
HOPE TO FAME 355.00 15s735 x
FRENCHMANS MOON DASH 323.00 15s727 x
FAMOUS BEDUINO 243.00 16s734 x
DASHIN VALENTINE 230.30 15s715 x
SNEAKIN TA FAME 160.00 15s391 x
TEX CAN DASH 150.00 17s958 x
DASH TA FIREWATER 115.00 16s114 x
MOONIN MYWAY TA FAME 114.02 15s297 x
COLOUR ME FAMOUS 94.00 19s235 x
BP FAMOUS COVERGIRL 85.00 16s704 x
JB PROUD N FAMOUS 0.00 15s559 x
DASH TA CHOCOLATE 0.00 16s304 x
FAMES FIERY KISS 0.00 18s647 x
PHAME 0.00 999s999 x
GOT CAUGHT SPEEDIN 0.00 15s635 x
DASH TA TRAFFIC 0.00 22s465 x