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Born: 03-18-2014     Sire: DASH TA FAME     Mother: MX LENAS SUGAR    Owner: x

Total prize collected: $ 795.00 Just prized runs

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Rider Time Pos CategoryEvent DateEarnings
DUSTIN ANGELLE20.466140 Barrel Race - Futurity Go 1Kinder Cup 02/02/2018$ 0.00
DUSTIN ANGELLE15.422137 Barrel Race - Open 4D SundayKinder Cup 02/02/2018$ 725.00
DUSTIN ANGELLE20.466285 Barrel Race - Open 4D FridayKinder Cup 02/02/2018$ 0.00
DUSTIN ANGELLE15.42261 Barrel Race - Futurity Go 2Kinder Cup 02/02/2018$ 0.00
DUSTIN ANGELLE17.79760 Barrel Race - Open 5D SaturdayTexas Extreme Barrel Classic 12/29/2017$ 70.00
DUSTIN ANGELLE33.49120 Barrel Race - Juvenile AverageBarrel Futurites of America World Finals 12/05/2017$ 0.00
DUSTIN ANGELLE17.044184 Barrel Race - Juvenile Go 2Barrel Futurites of America World Finals 12/05/2017$ 0.00