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SHAWNE BUG LEO - Total Prize: $ 131,754.02 Registration: 3753675 - Owner: Not Available - Breeder: Not Available


List of Progeny with Earnings ()

Name Prize ($) Best Time Owner
HEZA BUG LEO 50,529.56 13s940 x
NB LADYBIRD 29,530.00 14s820 x
MY LADY BUG LEO 28,248.00 15s707 x
BAR B ARABELLA BUG 11,000.00 15s301 x
MR SHAWNE TRES 5,782.00 15s827 x
MR SHAWNE TRES 2,956.00 15s420 x
SHEZA BUG LEO 936.00 15s822 x
ANOTHER BUG LEO 806.00 15s191 x
NB BUILT TO THE HILT 496.00 17s513 x
TK BUG LEO 463.46 16s336 x
BUGS IN MY KAHLUA 288.00 17s424 x
NB TARAHUMARA 286.00 15s538 x
MISTER DUG LEO 263.00 15s086 x
MR ELEGANT SHAWNE 170.00 14s797 x