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TRES SEIS - Total Prize: $ 176,493.44 Registration: 3846889 - Owner: Not Available - Breeder: Not Available


List of Progeny with Earnings ()

Name Prize ($) Best Time Owner
DASHIN CZAR 52,475.00 15s317 x
TELL EM BELLE 23,557.40 13s970 x
LEGSGONEWILD 22,930.00 14s642 x
TRES MOVIDAS 9,917.00 14s979 x
GIMME DAMONEY 9,235.62 14s031 x
SR SCHILL B COMMANDO 8,707.00 15s361 x
TRES DUCKS IN A ROW 6,657.00 15s028 x
ROARRR 4,975.00 15s332 x
SASSY TRES 4,319.00 15s108 ALONA JAMES
SEIS CARESS 3,290.00 15s244 x
SILVER SEIS 3,222.00 15s866 x
THREE AND OUT 2,970.00 15s838 x
SEIS SO SWEET 2,911.42 15s735 x
ROSE RARE 2,792.00 15s847 x
ALLURIST SEIS 2,731.00 15s743 x
PRIME TIME TRES 2,593.00 15s511 x
SIZE THREE BIKINI 2,332.00 15s770 x
ROCKETTE SCIENTIST 2,007.00 15s676 x
FIRST SEIS TRES 1,885.00 15s386 x
ALLIES CASHIN IN 1,833.00 15s613 x
SR MISS CINDY SEIS 1,679.00 15s702 x
RRR SEIS THE CASH 1,119.00 16s470 x
TRESARAINBOW 946.00 15s864 x
CHEWEE 620.00 16s092 x
TRACK SIDE CUTIE 492.00 15s954 x
DOWN TOWN STREAKIN 205.00 14s401 x
SILKY LITE 93.00 17s593 x