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Born: 04-06-2008     Sire: DARKELLY     Mother: THE SKYE CHICK    Owner: x

Total prize collected: $ 64,646.00 All runs

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Rider Time Pos CategoryEvent DateEarnings
MICHELE MCLEOD146 Barrel Race - Go Round 4National Finals Rodeo 12/11/2014$ 3,065.00
MICHELE MCLEOD14.243 Barrel Race - Go Round 1National Finals Rodeo 12/11/2014$ 11,340.00
MICHELE MCLEOD151.060 Barrel Race - AverageNational Finals Rodeo 12/11/2014$ 16,550.00
MICHELE MCLEOD13.994 Barrel Race - Go Round 10National Finals Rodeo 12/11/2014$ 7,969.00
MICHELE MCLEOD14.115 Barrel Race - Go Round 7National Finals Rodeo 12/11/2014$ 4,904.00
MICHELE MCLEOD13.661 Barrel Race - Go Round 5National Finals Rodeo 12/11/2014$ 19,002.00
CODY HYDE32.07930 Barrel Race - Futurity AverageBarrel Futurites of America World Finals 12/05/2012$ 1,816.00